Friday, October 14, 2011

A Tremor in the Force

The SWR team has been nothing short of amazed at the coverage, support, and enthusiasm for our little project. Thanks to the amazing creativity of the Star Wars community, the impressive remixes we've published here have garnered mentions at sites like Boing Boing, Wired's GeekDad, Bit Rebels, NOTCOTG4TV, DudeCraftMTV, even Playboy.

The most recent mention, however, truly humbled us.

Yesterday, the talented Bonnie "Grrl" Burton (no stranger to crafting or Star Wars) mentioned two of our remixes at The Official Star Wars Blog: Charlton Yu's "Jawa Burgers" and "Chewburger."

We're still geeking out about it, as you might guess.

So thank you, Bonnie, and thanks to everyone else who linked, posted, tweeted, commented about Star Wars Remix - and most of all for sharing your remixes!

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