How to Play

Stormcloud Trooper. Yogurt Yoda. Vader Tots. Bubble Wrap Boba.

You know the movies. You know the characters. You know all the classic lines.

But can you find Boba Fett in your backyard? Can you spot the Star Wars all around you? Better yet, can you use the force to summon your favorite (and maybe even not-so-favorite) Star Wars characters into your world, using only your imagination and everyday objects?

We bet you can, and we’ve given you a place to showcase everything you’ve learned, young Jedi!

Feel the Force

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, here's the general idea of what we're looking for: your world, remixed into the Star Wars world. The emphasis is on everyday objects. As in objects you come across...well, every day!

They can be natural (rocks, clouds, leafs, mountains, sand, fields, etc.) or artificial (soup strainers, an automobile grill, a paper clip, a cardboard box, etc.).

We want you to remix your world into a character, place, or object from the Star Wars universe, preferably in as creative a way as possible.

Here's what we're NOT looking for:
  • Fan art (hey, we love fan art, too, but there are many sites with awesome Star Wars fan art, and we have no intention of trying to compete with them).
  • Pure digital creations; for example, something created purely in Illustrator or Photoshop (yes, there are some very cool things out there made completely with a computer - but again, we're aiming for something different).
  • Creations made from commercial templates/molds/kits. Yes, the Han Solo Carbonite ice tray is all kinds of cool (pun intended), but that's not really in the spirit of DIY.

Canon v. EU Remixes

After we receive your submission, the SWR crew will determine if it's a good match for the site (usually, that's an easy and quick decision). These remixes fall into what we call the SWR "Canon," and we post a new one each Tuesday and Thursday.

But sometimes we get submissions that step outside our guidelines by a bit - they're creative and cool, but they don't follow our guidelines. In this case, we may decide to post the submission as what we call an "Expanded Universe" remix (EU).

These remixes can be noted two ways: their title includes a "(EU)" prefix, and the post will contain the following note: "This remix belongs to the SWR Expanded Universe." EU posts get normally published on Saturdays (though not necessarily every Saturday!).

Submissions Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines to increase the chance that we feature your submission:
  • Submit images you created yourself (i.e., you own the copyright to the image). And don't submit a photo you found online!
  • Be imaginative in remixing your world.
  • Do NOT include text or date stamps in your images.
  • Include the actual image with your email (not just a link).
  • Please use one of the following file formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .png.
  • Please use a minimum of 640 x 480 pixel size.
  • Large file sizes are recommended, but please try to keep them under 5MB.
  • You can send multiple files with one submission.
  • PLEASE use caution while working on your creations ("Play it safe, you must!")
  • Follow all federal/state/local laws and respect other's property. Basically, be a good Imperial citizen (or a considerate Rebel).
  • Refrain from not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content.
Got an idea but aren't sure whether it falls within our guidelines? No problem - send us an email:

Please provide the following information with your submission:
  • Your name (or how you want us to credit you as the creator of the image). It doesn't have to be your real name if you prefer to use an alias.
  • A link we can use with your name (optional)
  • Your Twitter ID (optional)
  • A suggested title for your image (optional)
    Send all images to:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: By submitting an image to Star Wars Remix, you are granting us permission to reuse/repost your image (e.g., publish it on this site or in a book). Your permission allows us non-exclusive license to publish your image only, but you retain ownership of your image. By providing your name with your submission, you are also granting us the right to provide you proper attribution by publishing your name at or elsewhere.

    REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: By submitting an image to Star Wars Remix, you are also granting us the right to publish your image under a Creative Commons license (specifically the BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported License). You still retain ownership over your image, but the license grants certain creative rights to the public. Be sure to read the license before submitting an image!