Thursday, October 27, 2011

That's No Moon!

Nathan Barry submitted a tasty remix of the Death Star floating in a sea of stars (the starfield was created by punching holes in black paper and lighting it from behind). Any guesses as to what this "moon" is made of (there are two clues in the previous sentence, by the way)?

"That's No Moon!"


  1. It is not a Coco Puff, though that's close! It is a kind of food, but it's not a cereal...

  2. A chocolate truffle?

  3. Getting much closer, Arachnerd- it is a candy! I wouldn't call it a truffle, though (and the manufacturer doesn't advertise it as a truffle). However, chocolate is one of the ingredients.

  4. Not a milk dud, Jennevieve, but you did uncover a second ingredient: caramel!

  5. Tasty cake donut hole?

  6. Tasty cake donut holes are tasty, my friend, but no donut holes were harmed in the making of this remix. : )

    There are three main ingredients in this candy. Two have already been identified: chocolate and caramel (a clue to the third is in the description of this remix).

    Here's another hint: this candy is made by a U.K. chocolatier...

  7. wait, I was also thinking malted milk ball. But that doesn't have caramel. hmmm.....

  8. After getting very close to guessing what this Death Star is made of, I think it's time to reveal the answer: sea salt caramel.

    To be specific, the "No. 1 Salted Caramels" by Artisan du Chocolat in London.

    These candies have a "sweet liquid caramel with a pinch of Noirmoutier island’s grey salt, captured in a cocoa dusted shell of intense dark chocolate."

    All we know is that they make for an awesome remix!

    Nathan assures us that they are indeed delicious and worth every penny, by the way.

    Thanks to everyone who played today!