Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jabba the Meat Puppet

Scott Williams put his life freedom Kroger's Value Card Membership on the line to secure these remixes of the universe's most notorious Hutt Gangster.

In his own words:

I walked into Kroger armed with my Jabba the Hutt meat puppet, and suspicion was immediately aroused. Maybe they sensed somehow that he was constructed from a competitor's meat, but whatever it was, it was confirmed as soon as I pulled out my camera and began to take shots of Jabba in the meat section.
"Call to the Meat Department" paged overhead. Time to go.
I headed towards the door, cooly, at first.
"CALL TO THE MEAT DEPARTMENT. SCAN AND RECORD." It was beginning to get serious!
I picked up my pace. Almost there! I looked behind me and saw two aproned Kroger cronies hot on my tail. They're gaining on us! Jabba's got to go.
I didn't want it to look like I was in the process of shoplifting a sci-fi-villain shaped package of meat so I plopped him into a nearby trashcan that sat next to the vegetable display. There was no way I was going to take the fall for an extortionist space slug - I didn't care how high the bounty would be.
The automatic doors did their thing, and I made it to my escape pod, home free.

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